Statistics of International Students in China in 2011
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In 2011, the number of international students studying in China exceeded 290,000 for the first time. 292,611 international students from 194 countries and regions have pursued their study in 660 higher education institutions, research institutes and other education institutions in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities (Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao excluded).

In 2011, the number of international students studying in China increased by 27,521, which is 10.38% more compared to 2010 The number of students under Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme reached 25,687, an increase by 14.73% from an earlier year. The number of self financed international students rose 9.98%, which reached 266,924. 40 more institutions started to accept international students.

In terms of regions, Asian international students top the list with a number of 187,871, 64.21% of the total. The number of international students from Europe reached 47,271, counting 16.15% of the total. 32,333 international students, 11.05% of the total, are from America. The number of African students reached 20,744, taking up 7.09% of the total. The number of Oceania students is 4,492, taking up 1.50% of the total. As for the amplitude, the number of students from Africa and America has witnessed a high increase, which is 26.46% and 18.75%, respectively.

In terms of countries, the top ten countries with most international students in China are as below: Korea, 62,442, United States, 23,292, Japan, 17,961, Thailand, 14,145, Vietnam, 13,549, Russia, 13,340, Indonesia, 10,957, India, 9,370, Pakistan, 8,516 and Kazakhstan, 8,287. In addition, the international students from the following countries exceeded 5,000: France, 7,592, Mongolia, 7,112 and German, 5,451.

As for the categories of international students, the number of degree students mounts to 118,837, 40.61% of the total. Among the degree students, there are 88,461 junior college students and undergraduate students, 23,453 master students, and 6,923 PhD students, taking up 74.44%, 19.74% and 5.83% of the total, respectively. There are 173,774 non-degree students, 59.39% of the international students.

University Ranking for the Number of Degree-Study International Students in 2011

  Universities Undergraduate student Doctoral student Master's Master Total
1 Fudan University 2245 183 724 3152
2 Tsinghua University 1529 183