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    Thanks a lot to CSC for the scholarship awarded to me.This scholarship has opened me a lot of doors because I got to know many people from all over the world.Also,the training I went through in China has helped me to be successful from graduation till now.

  • Ibrahim Mtolera
    I thanks CSC for the opportunity they give me

    I am thankful to CSC and looking forward to coming to China again.

  • Md Sahadat Hossain
    Thanks to CSC for providing such an opportunity as well as renowned Chongqing University for its world class course curriculum.

  • Laura Calles
    Obtain an entry-level position in the research area, focused on certain areas like strategic analysis. My principal areas of interest are economic analysis and the management of databases and indicators.

  • Marie Rosine MUGENI
    I like this idea of creating this Alumni hope it''ll will help all members to share and stay connected one another and why not new opportunities to all of us.Thank you stay connected!

  • Shree Krishna Maharjan
    Great opportunity and experiences gained during the study in China. I am very thankful to CSC and entire academic department of college made me very comfortable during my stay. All Rights Reserved.
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