Jilin Normal University, founded in 1958, is a key university in Jilin Province. The main campus is located in Siping, which covers an area of 920,000 square meters and building area of 510,000 square meters. The Changchun campus covers an area of 80,000 square meters and building area of 130,000 square meters. The university has 22 colleges, 2 teaching sections, 30 research institutions, and 117 laboratories. The library boasts 1.89 million volumes of books. In September 2014, there were 16,480 undergraduates, 2,215 graduates, 222 international students. At present, there are 1,550 teachers, including 1 academician employed simultaneously by the two academies, 13 doctoral adviser, 227 professors, 339 associate professors, and 1,178 full-time instructors.

The university has 61 different Bachelor’s degree programs, in which, 1 national comprehensive reform pilot program, 5 national special major programs, 1 national exemplary center for experimental education, 1 national exemplary program for faculty construction, 1 national off-campus practice base for college students, 12 national special major programs, 6 provincial exemplary centers for experimental education, and 9 provincial excellent teaching teams.

At present, the university has 1 Doctor’s degree program serving on Manchu Language and Culture, 13 Master’s degree programs for first-level disciplines, 92 Master’s degree programs for second-level disciplines, 6 majors including Education, Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language, Translation, Publishing, Law and Tourism Management for Specialized Master degree. It also has the authority to award Master’s degrees to in-service college teachers. The university was authorized to be one of the host institutes to accept international students with Chinese Government Scholarship.

Moreover, there are 8 provincial first-level key disciplines, 1 national innovative research platform program. It also has 18 national and provincial innovative research platforms, including 2 Ministry of Education key laboratories, 1 provincial key laboratory, 2 provincial scientific innovation centers, 1 provincial engineering study center, 3 provincial universities’ key laboratories, 4 research bases for Jilin Characteristic Culture, 3 provincial universities’ key research bases for humanity and social science, and 1 provincial base for higher education research. One of the innovation teams was listed in the Ministry of Education Innovation Team Cultivation Plan.

Jilin Normal University promotes broad domestic and international collaboration, having signed cooperative agreements on over 60 programs with more than 50 universities in mainland China and 43 universities and research institutions from places that include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, Belarus, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan.

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Jilin Normal University Homepage: www.jlnu.edu.cn

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