Nankai University was founded in 1919 by the famous patriotic educators, Mr. Zhang Boling and Mr. Yan Xiu.A key multidisciplinary and research-oriented university directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Nankai University, is the alma mater of our beloved late Premier Zhou Enlai. The University has 22 academic colleges, together with Graduate School, School for Continuing Education, Advanced Vocational School, Modern Distance Education School, all 12 categories.of covering literature, history, philosophy, classics, management, law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, teaching and art Nankai University offers 80 undergraduate specialties (including 18 national characteristic specialities), 231 Master's programs, 172 Doctoral programs, 29 Post-Doctoral research stations and 27 authorized primary Doctoral specialties.Currently, the University has the total enrollments of 24,305 students, including 12,873 undergraduate students, 8,156 master's candidates, 3,276 doctoral candidates, 2913 international students(till the end of 2013), 4,444 part-time adult students and 37,340 students on distance education program.
HEI entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship students
Degree Programs:281
Number of Students:23925
International Students:2618
    Starred programs are entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship students
Program Degree Duration Instruction Language Tuition Fee(RMB) Starting Date Application Deadline
*Chinese Language and LiteratureBachelor4yearsChinese20000Sep 4-30
*PaintingBachelor4yearsChinese20000Sep 4-30
*Art DesignBachelor4yearsChinese20000Sep 4-30
*Chinese LanguageBachelor4yearsChinese20000Sep 4-30
*HistoryBachelor4yearsChinese20000Sep 4-30
*World HistoryBachelor4yearsChinese20000Sep 4-30
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