Jiangsu University (JSU) is ranked among the top 100 universities out of over 2,000 higher educational institutions in China. JSU is one of the oldest educational institutions in China, and its origin can be traced back to 1902 when it was first established as Sanjiang Normal College. JSU was then founded out of the initial college by combining the former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (a national key university), Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teachers’ College with approval from the Ministry of Education, China in August, 2001. Currently, JSU is a teaching, research and community oriented comprehensive institution with emphasis on engineering and allied disciplines. It is one of the first groups of universities that offered doctoral programs for students. At the moment, JU has 26 schools offering bachelor, master and PhD degree programs in 9 academic fields namely: Engineering, Science, Medicine, Literature, Economics, Law, Management, Education and History. In addition, the university has 3 national key academic disciplines. In addition, 4 disciplines (namely engineering, chemistry, material and medicine) rank top 1% in the World ESI Ranking System presently. JSU enjoys a national reputation of being among the top research based academic institution for engineering sciences with several innovative achievements and patents rights for its achievement and contribution to the economic growth of China and world economy. Other academic disciplines have also witnesses astronomical growth in their research faculty and quality of graduates they turn out yearly. This has continually made the University to enjoy an influx of international students from all continents with resultant increased growth in linkages and exchange programmes with other educational institution around the world. JU is one of the first 200 institutions authorized to accept foreign students. Entrusted by the UNIDO and ESCAP, JU has trained many high ranking management personnel and experts in Agricultural Machinery from 1980s. JU started to enroll MBBS international students in 2005. Presently, English-taught bachelor programs include Clinical Medicine(MBBS),International Economy & Trade, Business Admission, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Pharmaceutical Science, Chemical Engineering and Process, Material Science & Engineering, Food Science & Engineering, Chinese Linguistics & Literature. All the postgraduate programs can be conducted in English. 1000 international students enjoy the comfortable & colorful life on campus. Available Scholarships include Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Jasmine Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship and JU Anxin Flooring Scholarship. Moreover, the priority programs, such as Fluid Machinery Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics etc., also offer special scholarships.
HEI entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship students
Degree Programs:253
Number of Students:42000
International Students:1026
    Starred programs are entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship students
Program Degree Duration Instruction Language Tuition Fee(RMB) Starting Date Application Deadline
*Material Science & EngineeringDoctoral3yearsEnglish28000Oct 8-23
*Power Electronics and Power TransmissionDoctoral3yearsEnglish28000Oct 8-23
*Management Science & EngineeringDoctoral3yearsEnglish24000Oct 8-23
*Environmental Science & EngineeringDoctoral3yearsEnglish28000Oct 8-23
*Mechanical EngineeringDoctoral3yearsEnglish28000Oct 8-23
*Computer Applied TechnologyDoctoral3yearsEnglish28000Oct 8-23
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