FDU EMA Program in Chinese Philosophy and Culture
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I. Academic Programs

These programs are aimed to offer opportunities of learning Chinese and studying Chinese philosophy to overseas postgraduates or college juniors and seniors who have not yet been able to master the Chinese language. In addition to Chinese language classes, these programs offer courses on Chinese philosophy as well as other related courses in English at Fudan University. Fudan University is a leading institution of higher education in China, and is experienced with and renowned for educating overseas students. The School of Philosophy at Fudan is a top philosophy department in China. The university is located in Shanghai, the most dynamic city of China that belongs to a region that is rich in Chinese traditions and cultures.

II.Years of program

M.A. Program :This is a two-year degree program.

Visiting Student Program :This is a one-year program.

Audit Program :This program is based upon individual courses.

III.Curriculum for Master’s Degree Program

1. Chinese (3 courses, 2 credits each): Modern Chinese (Beginning), Modern Chinese (Intermediate),Modern Chinese (Advanced), Classical Chinese.

2. Required Major Courses (5 courses, 3 credits each).

3. lective Major Courses (4 courses, 2 credits each).

4. Thesis.

IV.Graduation certificate and degree certificate

A master’s thesis is required for obtaining the master’s degree. Other than the above courses, students are also allowed to take courses that are offered by other departments at Fudan University (up to 6 credits per semester).

V. Major and Elective Courses




Major Courses

Classical Chinese Philosophy I (Confucianism and Legalism)

Classical Chinese Philosophy II (Daoism and Mohism)

Chinese Classical Studies

Wei JinXuanxue


Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy

Modern Chinese Philosophy









Elective Courses

Issues in Chinese Spiritualities and Religions

Daoism and Its Texts

Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy

Chinese Philosophy from a Comparative Perspective

Special Topics: Chinese Philosophy and Its Methods

Special Topics: Chinese Philosophy in the English Speaking World

Confucianism: Then and Now

Special Topics in Buddhism

Political-religious Relationship of Modern Buddhism

War and Peace in Ancient Chinese philosophy

Ways of Contemplation in China.

Dialogical Styles in Chinese Philosophy.

Issues in Chinese and Indian Logic

Indian Philosophy

Seminar: Issues in Indian Philosophy

Chinese Religions in Theory and Practice: Insider- and Outsider-Biasafter WWI

Application of condition

M.A. Program

The students who apply for the program should have a college degree from an accredited institution upon entering the program.

Visiting Student Program

The students who apply for the program should be postgraduate students or students who will be in their junior or senior years upon entering the program.

Audit Program

This program is based upon individual courses. The students must have a college degree, or a proof of active enrollment in an accredited college and the completion of their junior year of studies.

Application materials

1) Register on-line and fill out the on-line form: http://admission.iso.fudan.edu.cn/ Upon approval, pay the application fee of RMB 800 (MA program) or RMB 400 (visiting and audit programs). Then, print out the application form, attach a photo to the form, and sign.

2) For scholarship application, please check the website http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/xuexi_sh.htm for procedures. Pay particular attention to scholarships for new students. Only the Chinese Government Scholarship, Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS) Class A, are applicable to the incoming (new) students. To apply for ALL OF THE TWO fellowships will increase your chance to get a fellowship.

3) Official Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (notarized English translations are needed if they are not originally in English, and the meaning of grades needs to be explained if it is different from the system commonly used in American colleges).

4) Copy of diploma(s) from all post-secondary institutions attended if applicable (notarized English translations are needed if they are not originally in English).

5) Two (2) letters of recommendation.

6) Proof of English language efficiency if the student’s native language is not English and the student hasn’t attended college(s) in which courses are taught inEnglish. An IBT score of 90 or higher or an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher is required.

7) A personal statement of less than 1,000 words (study and work experiences, academic achievements, research proposal, and career plan after the Fudan programs, etc.).

8) A writing sample of less than 5,000 words.

9) A list of scholarly works if applicable.

10) A copy of passport.

Application of deadline

The priority deadline is March 1 of the same year as that of enrollment (Follow the requirements by ISO of Fudan)

Tuition and Living Expenses

Tuition for the M.A. and Visiting Students Programs is RMB 50,000 a year. Students are also required to cover other expenses while living in Shanghai. Rooms are available in on-campus International Students Dormitories, and the monthly rent for a single room(with a shared bathroom) ranges from RMB 1,200 per month to 2,700 per month. Have Meals at canteen costevery student less than RMB 1,000 per month.

Contact Information:

For more information about these programs, please write to BOTH Mr. YU, Minzhi, the

graduate registrar at the School of Philosophy (yumingzhi@fudan.edu.cn) AND Prof.

BAI, Tongdong (baitongdong@fudan.edu.cn), the program director.

Phone number: (021) 6564 2675

Fax: 86-21-6564-2732

School’s website: http://philosophy.fudan.edu.cn  

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