Sports in China
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Nationwide Physical Fitness

Chinese government has promulgated the Outline of the Nationwide Physical Fitness Program, aiming at improving the health and overall physical condition of the general population. The Program, with emphasis on young people and children, encourages everyone to take part in at least one sports activities every day, learn at least two skills of keeping fit and have a health examination every year.
With the flourish of nationwide physical fitness activities, people’s concentration on life has also changed greatly. In many cities, expenditure on the pursuit of good health has become a trend. New types of sports, such as rock climbing, horsemanship, bungee jumping, bowling, skateboarding, women’s boxing, shuffleboard, taekwondo and golf are particularly popular among young people.

Competitive Sports



The first world champion in the history of China’s sports is Rong Guotuan, who won men’s singles at the 25th World Table Tennis Championship in Germany in 1959. From then on, competitive sports in China have received countless achievements. By the end of 2010, Chinese athletes have won world champions 2533 times, and have created or exceeded world records 1228 times. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese delegation won 51 gold medals and 100 medals altogether, surpassing the USA to rank the first on gold medal list for the first time in the Olympic history.