Shenyang Normal University(SNU)was established in1951. Under the administration of the People’s Government of Liaoning Provincial, SNU is a multidisciplinary university, covering 9 subject areas of philosophy, economics, law, pedagogy, literature, science, engineering, management and art studies. The campus of SNU covers an area of 1888.69 mu (125.3 hectares), including 763,600 square meters of building space. The university library houses a collection of more than 1.8 million books. Now SNU has 26 schools and colleges, 14 organizations and affiliated agencies. SNU offers 72 undergraduate programs, 146 Disciplines Conferring Master Degrees and 9 professional master degree programs. Currently, there are nearly 25,000 full-time undergraduates,junior college students,postgraduate students and international students, and 1617 full-time teachers in SNY. SNU is one of the universities in China authorized to recruit international students with the Chinese Government Scholarships and Confucius Institute Scholarship. Since 1985, the university has accepted around 5000 international students of different levels from over 30 countries in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

Welcome to study in Shenyang Normal University

Programs and Subjects:

4-year undergraduate program with Bachelor’s degree (taught in Chinese)

Chinese language



International Trade and Business

Painting (oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, water-colour painting, printmaking)

Tourism Management

Preschool Education



Physical Education

Computational Science and Engineering


Postgraduate 2.5-3-year program with master degree (taught in Chinese)

Linguistics and applied linguistics

Science of Higher Education

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Tourism Management

Fine Arts

Music and Dance

Chinese Philosophy

Language Training for short term and long term

Attaching importance to the Chinese teaching for foreigners with culture, Shenyang Normal University is famous with its outstanding teaching ability and higher pass of HSK, therefore the international students graduated with excellent Chinese skills. In 2011, two international students won the sixth and eighth prize respectively at the Chinese Bridge for International Students in China, while one more student won the Fourth prize in 2012.  

Living facilities:

Indoor facilities: refrigerator, TV set air-conditioner, telephone, desk, closet, reading lamp, toilet room.

Public facilities: kitchen, laundry room, electric water heater, business service centre, café, computing room, activity room.  

Fees standard for Students at their own expenses (Currency: RMB)

Tuition: 14000 RMB per academic year for students taking training courses; 15000 RMB for undergraduates; 20000 RMB for postgraduates

Registration and Enrolment Fee: 800 RMB

Accommodation: 12000 RMB per semester for single room; 6000 RMB per semester for double room

Other expenses: 683RMB for physical examination; Residence permit: 400 RMB within one year; 800 RMB for one to three years; 1000 RMB for three to five years.

Time for application and enrolment:

Deadline for application

Spring semester: February 1st

Fall semester: August 1st


Spring semester: from March 1st to July 5th, to enter before Feb 28th.

Fall semester: from September 1st to January 5th, to enter before Aug 28th.


Address: 253 Huanghe North Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China 110034

Tel: +86(0)24-8657-4288; +86(0)24-8657-4238   Fax: +86(0)24-8657-4225

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