Founded in 1945, Hefei University is a national key university under the direct administration of China’s Ministry of Education, listed in China’s “Project 211” and “Project 985 Innovative Platform for Priority Disciplines”, and to accept students of Chinese Government Scholarship. In 2013, an agreement on the joint construction of HFUT was signed by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and People’s Government in Anhui Province. HFUT has 3,687 faculty members, including 1,933 teachers, among whom there are 407 professors and 691 associate professors. At present, 30,450 undergraduates, 10,780 master candidates and doctoral candidates study on campus.

The school has been concentrating on interior construction of subjects, condensing the subject directions, uniting the academic groups and building the subject bases, and we have achieved fruitful outcomes in disciplinary building. Now the construction of the “Project 985” innovation platform for priority subjects has started, and the “Project 211” has got a complete success and passed the acceptance smoothly. During the third round of national disciplinary assessment, the three disciplines – management science and engineering, geology, instrument science and technology – have ranked top 10 among all key universities. Now he school has 3 national key projects, 1 national key fostering project, 28 provincial key projects, 12 post-doctoral research stations, 12 first level disciplines of doctoral degree authorization, 32 first level disciplines of master degree authorization, degree-awarding authority in 11disciplines and has 87 undergraduate majors.

HFUT’s features and strengths are mainly in the areas of energy-saving and environmental protection vehicle and its equipment manufacturing technology,Research and Integration of Key Technologies of New Energy Utilization, Designing of Electric Vehicles and Measurement and Control Technology and Equipment, Processing Theory and Technology of Agricultural Products, Decision-making Science and Information System Technology, Management Science and Engineering, Machinery Design and Related Theories, Processing and Storage(Cultivation) of Agriculture Products, Power Electronics and Power Transmission, Mechanical Engineering.

HFUT offers preparatory, bachelor, master and doctoral programs in the fields of engineering, management, economy, science, arts, law, and philosophy. It provides Chinese Government Scholarship and HFUT President’s Scholarship opportunities for international students. HFUT welcomes students from all over the world.