Chinese music has a long history and a profound tradition. In order to explore the refined traditions of Chinese music and to promote the development of Chinese music, in line with the proposal of Premier Zhou Enlai, the China Conservatory was officially established on September 21, 1964. The China Conservatory is the highest learning institution in China, which is characterized by education and study in Chinese music and specializes in training talents in performing, making and researching Chinese music. In other words, China Conservatory is an institution that synthesizes the study and research of Chinese traditional music, focusing on performance, composition, theory, and music technology.
HEI entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship students
Degree Programs:13
Number of Students:1873
International Students:82
    Starred programs are entitled to admit Chinese Government Scholarship students
Program Degree Duration Instruction Language Tuition Fee(RMB) Starting Date Application Deadline
*MusicologyBachelor4yearsChinese32000Sept 1-15
*composition & Theories of CompositionBachelor4yearsChinese32000Sept 1-15
*Music PerformanceBachelor4yearsChinese English32000Sept 1-15
*MusicologyMaster3yearsChinese38000Sept 1-1
*composition & Theories of CompositionMaster3yearsChinese38000Sept 1-1
*Music PerformanceMaster3yearsChinese English38000Sept 1-1
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