FDU Master Program for Chinese Religious Studies in English
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In recent decades, discussion in public sphere and academic research about Chinese religions is becoming a cross-cultural phenomenon, in the tide of globalization and revitalization of faith.For the purpose of training experts in the future and promising young scholarsin the field of Chinese religions, the School of Philosophy Fudan University resolves tolaunch a master program for Chinese religious studies in English, starting in fall semester 2015, which is open for global application.

The School of Philosophy Fudan University has long-termcorporation and friendship with all religious communities in Shanghai as well as in Mainland China. This program plans to organize regular visits for all students, and provides field research possibilities, so that students are able to have direct encounterwithliving Chinese religions, besides understanding the theory and classical texts.

Ⅱ.Years of study

Duration of the program is normally two years.

Ⅲ.Curriculum for Master’s Degree Program

All courses are delivered in English

1.Courses of Chinese language: 6credits (2X3 courses, compulsory);

2.Practical courses (field research and visit): 4credits (2X2 courses, compulsory);

3.Major courses: 20 credits (6-7courses, elective).


Ⅳ.Requirements of granting degree:

1.Get the prescribed credit (normally within two years);

2.Write an academic thesis under the supervision of a professor, and pass the oral defense.


The courses are divided intothree levels, namely basic, intermediate and advanced, so that student can choose different ones according to his/her own pre-knowledge in the area(see the diagram below, incomplete, for your reference only).




Confucianism, Taoism and popular religion




Introduction of Chinese Buddhism

Introduction of Chinese Christianity

Introduction of Chinese traditional religion

Introduction of Chinese Islam



Selected reading of Buddhist Sutras

Topics of Chinese Christianity

Selected reading of Taoist and popular religious texts

Topics of Chinese Islam (I)

Introduction of sociology  of religion;

Introduction of anthropology of religion;

Text-criticism and hermeneutics


Topics of Chinese Buddhism

Sino-Christian theology;

Chinese Translation of Bible


Intensive reading of Chinese traditional religious texts

Topics of Chinese Islam (II)

Topics of sociology of religion;

Topics of anthropology of religion

Application and Admission

Number of global enrollment (fall semester, 2016): 20 students.

Basic requirement: applicantsmust have anacknowledged bachelor degree.

Application documents:

[Please visit the official website of international student’s office of Fudan University:http://admission.iso.fudan.edu.cn/]

1. Copy of passport (required by international student office)

2. Application form (required by international student office)

3. CV

4. Copyof diploma

5. Notarizedcopy of academic records

6. Two letters of recommendation (sealed with signature)

7. Personal statement (1000 words)

8. Research project (10-12 pages, double space, 12#)

9. Non-native speakers of English must provide an English level certificate (TOEFL, GRE, IELTS)

10.Application fee: 800 RMB (non-refundable!)


The priority deadline is March 1 of the same year as that of enrollment (Follow the requirements by ISO of Fudan)

Tuition and Scholarship:

The tuition fee is 50,000 RMB/year.

If student is not able toobtain the credits or pass the thesis-defense within two years, he/she CAN postpone graduation. But one must pay 25,000 RMB fee for every extended term.


Frist term : September–January

Second term : February– July

Contact Information:

Dr. Zhejun YU    yuzhejun@fudan.edu.cn

Guanghua Tower(west)23rd Floor   School of Philosophy,Fudan University

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