SEU Postgraduate Scholarship
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1.The content and criterion of scholarship

Values of scholarship

1st Category Scholarship:

-  Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, physical insurance, and fee for basic learning materials;

-  Free accommodation on campus;

-  No less than RMB 20,000 for yearly living allowance

2nd Category Scholarship:

-Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, physical insurance;

-  No Living allowance, no free accommodation;

2. Qualification of applicants

Over 16 year’s old,bachelor degree or above, healthy foreigners

3.Application date

December 1 - May 30

4.Application procedure

Submit the required documents in 2 copies within the required time to the following address:

Admission Office, College of International Students, Southeast University, 2 SipailouNanjing  China, 210096;

And send the scanned copy of the documents within the required time

5.Application materials

1.A copy of Passport;

2.Physical Examination Record of Foreigners;

3.Certificate of Highest Degree;

4.Official Transcript;

5.2 Recommendation Letters;

6.Research Proposal no less than 800 words;

7.Filled Application Form of SEU;

6.Contact information

Admission Office, College for International Students, Southeast University


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